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Retaining Walls M.T. Carpenter Landscape

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are carefully engineered systems that can turn unusable sloped landscapes into a functional space to enjoy. They offer the most effective way to control erosion and water runoff, as well as being a great visual addition to almost any landscape. MT Carpenter Landscape has engineered and designed countless retaining walls to suite our clients' needs and visions. Below are three material options that MT Carpenter Landscape specializes in installing. Select your favorite retaining wall material by clicking on it. Additional information as well as previous retaining wall installs of the selected material will be shown.


Boulder Retaining Walls

Fieldstone boulders are best described as timeless, rustic, and naturally beautiful. They are very common, especially here in Minnesota. Fieldstone boulders are the most popular material choice by our clients, as it is aesthetically appealing and can hold up to almost any retaining job, big or small.

Limestone Retaining Walls

Limestone boulders are the ideal choice for Minnesota landscapes. These boulders tend to be larger and are more monochromatic in color vs. fieldstone boulders. These characteristics create a more uniform look.

Retaining Walls M.T. Carpenter Landscape Retaining Walls M.T. Carpenter Landscape

Chilton Stone Retaining Walls

Chilton wall stones are much smaller in size, which allows for more intricate retaining wall designs. This timeless material is extremely dense, making it extremely resistant to weathering. A great attribute to have because of our harsh Minnesota winters. It couples great with Chilton stone steps. You can also add pillars and cap stones to create compelling points of visual interest.

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